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Trishelle Cannatella To Star In Poker Reality Show

Nowadays, the reality shows have grown to be popular kind of television program. Individuals programs including some form of competition between its participants are popular and also have huge viewership. Inside the world of poker, an entirely new reality show will likely be featuring among its very popular women poker players.

While using Hollywood Reporter, Canadian director Josh Kimmel has produced possible show “Living The Existence”. Director Josh Kimmel has directed the two-part pilot that he’s searching around to potential suitors.

Inside the first premise inside the program, Kimmel’s two players are travelling all over the world plus competition with each other both over the poker tables along with other tests. All his initial handful of competition is familiar for your reality show, including one of those is familiar face inside the poker world.

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Trishelle Cannatella could be the among his first competitors across the program. Cannatella has a extensive familiarity in poker and reality shows. Cannatella, a classic poker player along with her noticably performance over the poker circuit getting another place finish on the planet Poker Tour’s WPT Invitational this season. Cannatella holds a larger status hanging out of reality television.

In 2002, Cannatella needed part within the Real Existence: Vegas and been effective to know Road Rules. Further, she gone following a resulting competition program forward and backward shows. She featured through getting an instalment of Fear Factor. She also made her appearance acquiring a pose for Playboy Magazine. She came out to be gossip they dated professional wrestler Mike “The Miz” Mizanin. Cannatella also earned some credits to feature on some films including Ninja Cheerleaders and also on television show for instance Criminal Minds and Dr. Steve-O.

Inside the Kimmel’s reality show, Cannatella will likely be rivaling former Miss USA competitor Amanda Kimmel who’d formerly been Miss Montana USA in 2005 in addition having a participant inside the Miss Earth pageant later the identical year.

Amanda Kimmel also holds reliable finishes in three different seasons inside the popular reality show Survivor. In 2007, she finished third in Survivor: China while she finished runner-up Survivor: Micronesia in 2008. This Season at Survivor: Heroes versus. Villain, she was an astute player inside the Survivor game transported in ninth place.

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Really, Mr. Kimmel began with documentary within the mind but later it switched for the premise for virtually any reality show. “Documentaries not have the audience of supporters that reality Tv series do,” Kimmel described for your Reporter.

“Are both very competitive and in addition they will not lose,” Kimmel quoted as telling the Reporter. “Once they lose and in addition they increase for accommodation and smash the tv, that’s interesting for me personally.Inch

Now, it will likely be interesting to consider the response of fans. However, there has been no buys for that potential reality show.

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