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How to master online slots bonus rounds for bigger payouts?


Oct 25, 2023

The most popular casino game today is online slots. Bright graphics, exciting themes, and big payouts make these games hugely entertaining. One of the best parts of playing slots online is the bonus rounds. The mini-games can earn you extra prizes and dramatically multiply your winnings. Mastering online slots bonus rounds takes some skill and knowledge, but can lead to some very high payouts. 

Bonus round triggers

The first key is knowing what triggers a bonus round. Some of the most common bonus round triggers include:

  • Landing 3 or more bonus symbols on a payline 
  • Getting a special combination like consecutive high-value symbols
  • Hitting the jackpot
  • Random bonus round triggers

Study each slot game’s rules to understand exactly what you need to do to unlock those lucrative bonus rounds. Some games require bonus symbols to land on specific reels while others just need a certain number anywhere in view. Look for online slots with bonus triggers that occur frequently rather than rarely.

Know the bonus types

There are a variety of bonus round types you’ll encounter when playing online slots. Some of the most popular include:

  • Free Spins – Awards a set number of free spins often with expanded wilds or multiplied payouts.
  • Pick Me – Lets you pick from a group of symbols that reveal instant prize amounts.
  • Wheel Spins – Spin a prize wheel that awards cash, free spins, and progressives.
  • Trail Games – Move along a path to reveal instant prizes and access mini-games.  
  • Shooter Games – Shoot targets to unveil prizes like multipliers.

Understanding the format of the bonus round you’re playing helps optimize strategy. Study the rules carefully during free spins so you make informed decisions. Pick the right symbols in Pick Me bonuses. The time wheel spins properly in wheel games. Knowing what you’re doing will boost payouts. There is more information available at https://magic.ly/wede388.

Use bonus round strategy 

Each type of bonus round requires its strategy to maximize value. Here are some tips:

  • Free Spins – Choose games with expanding wilds, unlimited wins, or multipliers to get the most from these. Use free spins on higher bet levels if possible.
  • Pick Me – Avoid picks that end the round. Go for high-value symbols that reveal big instant prizes or more picks.
  • Wheel Games – Time spins to land on the highest value prizes. Some games even offer strategies like stopping the wheel.
  • Trail Games – Move strategically along the trail to collect the most prizes and play the most lucrative mini-games.
  • Shooter Games – Aim carefully and quickly to hit the most valuable targets. Choose multipliers over single payouts when possible.

Using optimal strategies tailored to that particular bonus round is key to getting the highest payouts.

By Ophelia