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Get All in One Needs In Internet café software


Dec 4, 2021

The Internet cafe software gaming centre, eSports centre, library, school, or hotel public computers may function more smoothly with the help of Internet Cafe software. System, desktop, discs and folders may be restricted depending on your preferences in the software.

It allows you to keep track of and charge your consumers for anything from their Internet use to their gaming and office software usage. There is a guarantee of compatibility with all current Windows operating systems, including Windows 7. Ensure that the server portion is installed on the central computer from which you want to control all of the other client PCs.


A Server and a number of client machines are included with each License. Any version may accommodate more customers. You need a licence for 15 customers if you have 10 PCs and 5 consoles. Wi-Fi connections are included in each plan, allowing you to manage other WiFi users as well.

To have fun and train

You get to determine how much it costs to use a computer or a gaming console. Charge by the minute, by the hour, by the day, or by the hour and a half. You may also set a price per minute, per hour, or per day. There will be ordinary and VIP PCs available on the group computers.


Ctrl+Alt+Del and other system keys, local drives, and the Control Panel should be restricted. Internet Cafe taskbar may be used to conceal the Windows Start (Orb) button from any Windows you are using Internet café software.


Create user accounts, refills, and ticket (timecode) coupons by configuring Price Plans. Combining constraints such as available time, programme groups and expiration dates as well as daily limits (such 3 hours per day) with the premium edition download, upload and maximum data transfer. Until the account expires, the customer may use the same account for several logins.

Handling of accounts

Administrator, Operator, Manager, Technical, Cashier, and other customizable access privileges are all available for employee accounts. It is possible to restrict access to certain aspects of the system in order to avoid illegal manipulation that might result in financial losses. Every action taken by an employee is recorded, including the date, time, and kind of action.

Use the Easy Operator mode or Bulk accounts to create one-off accounts for yourself or others. At the same time, print out numerous accounts. To add your logo or alter the layout, just edit the print template using 34 of the accounts. Your front desk, adjacent press kiosks, or your business partners may sell the tickets you’ve cut from the originals.

Each print job is put on hold until the client confirms that they want it printed. Customer computers are shown a pop-up that displays the document name, the amount of pages it contains and the printing fee. The cost of printing is deducted from the client’s account, or a certain number of minutes is deducted from the remaining time if a consumer affirmatively chooses to print on Internet café software.


It’s completely free to store any number of applications under any given heading. Having access to a wide range of POS data and analytics may help you run your company more efficiently. The top selling goods, top selling categories, top customers top suppliers, top workers, and top payment methods may all be sorted by date range and printed. Using your customers’ loyalty cards to make payments is shown in your loyalty stats.

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